Pre Med Society

We are delighted to have a busy and committed Pre Med Society in School

We place a huge value on the preparation we give our pupils for their future careers and we know that many of our students are committed to careers in Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Studies. So, we have created a specialist society which supports these pupils through from Year 10 to the point of their application and during interview and examination preparation. 

We have a long history of sending Medics, Dentists and Vets to university and with a comprehensive programme of UCAT and BMAT preparations, interview preparations, and ongoing lectures by visiting professionals and a mentoring programmes for pupils during their time in school.

We hope that this support gives the pupils the confidence they need to excel in these challenging disciplines. 

The society is led by a member of our Science department and specialist support is provided through our Careers Teacher, External experts and our Head of Sixth Form who co-ordinates applications in these fields. 

The Caduceus

The Pre Med Society now produces its own Newsletter, The Caduceus, named for the symbol of intertwined snakes that now represents the medical profession. The Newsletter is written and edited by a team of students from the society and can be read here:

Caduceus Issue 1

Caduceus Issue 2

Caduceus Issue 3