Senior School - MFL trip to Germany


Language students venture to Germany - April 2018

During the recent Easter Break a group of Year 7 to 11 linguists ventured on a field-trip to Germany as part of their language studies.
The excursion presented pupils with the perfect opportunity to practice their language skills and explore the country they've have been learning about in timetabled lessons.
A packed itinerary was undertaken over the 5 day period including day trips to Rudelsheim, taking in the Roman ruins in Trier to scaling the heights of Pinner Kreuz in a Cable car!
There was also the opportunity to sample the architecture of Koln Cathedral and Porta Nigra in Trier. Pupils also undertook language project work in the form a scrap book that was updated throughout the trip in group actvities.
A fantastic and insightful trip was had by all, below is taste of the sites and locations that were packed into the 5-day trip.