Senior School - Geography Trip

Geographers trek to Iceland - April 2018

During the recent Easter Break a group of intrepid Year 8 and 9 Geographers embarked on a field-trip to Iceland as part of their studies.
A packed itinerary was undertaken over the four day excursion including climbing up a 3500 year old Glacier, swimming in the world famous Blue Lagoon pool and even stepping from one plate boundary to another (Iceland sits between the North Atlantic and Eurasian plates).
As well as taking in the breathtaking physical surroundings, students were also made aware of the challenges of increasing tourism to a fragile natural environment, with the 3500 year old Glacier being visited by an average of 200,000 tourists per year. Students also learned how Icelanders are harnessing the power of geothermal energy which accounts for roughly 1/3 of Iceland's electricity.
This was arguably a once in a lifetime trip enjoyed by all!
Below is a snapshot of the sights visited!