The Pastoral Care of our pupils is a vital aspect of our School life. We believe in the development of the whole pupil and it is our aim to ensure that every pupil leaves here feeling comfortable with themselves, and with the emotional strength and ability to make life choices that serve them well.

Our pastoral care structure is at is at the heart of the education of our pupils. It is the foundation of the nurturing and supportive setting in which your child will thrive.
First there is a structure, then there is an holistic approach to all-round education of the individual, then there is an ethos of care amongst staff and pupils alike.
It is our aim to ensure that every pupil leaves here feeling comfortable with themselves and has the confidence and ability to make life choices that serve them well. In partnership with home we want our pupils to become individuals with strength of character, enabling them to lead fulfilled lives and play their part in society.
When pupils start in the School they are placed into forms. Each form has a Form Tutor who pupils see twice a day; at the start of the morning and afternoon sessions of school. Form time enables the the Form Tutor to get to know their group and become someone who pupils can turn to for advice and help. They are also the first point of contact for parents.  
Form Tutors form a team with each Head of Year. The Head of Year has an oversight of the welfare and progress of all pupils within a year group. They promote high standards amongst pupils including behaviour and uniform. They work closely with the Form Tutors and Deputy Head Pastoral to identify pupil concerns (pastoral, academic and behavioural) and provide the necessary support and intervention to ensure that all pupils can make good progress.
Pupils remain in the same form with the same Head of Year for Years 7 and 8. For Year 9 form tutor groups are reorganised and they remain in these new forms with a different Head of Year through Years 9, 10 and 11. In the Sixth Form pupils move into smaller tutor groups under the care and guidance of Sixth Form tutors and the Head and Assistant Head of Sixth Form.
As the Deputy Head Pastoral, I regularly meet with the Heads of Year to monitor pastoral care, manage regulatory and safeguarding compliance and implement supplementary support that will strengthen and enhance our pupils’ developing life skills.
The House structure provides a further environment for mixed age support and friendships. Healthy competition across a range of activities from sport to performing arts, debating to chess and, of course, the long standing institution – Tug of War!
In our School, staff pastoral engagement bridges academic and co-curricular life, since most teachers lead or participate in clubs, house activities and charity and community endeavours. I believe this is the reason that the strong supportive relationships between staff and pupils are commented upon so positively. 
Mrs J Simms
Deputy Head (Pastoral)