Lower School Drama Production

Annie: Lower School Play - June 2018

Our Senior School (lower) and Junior School pupils came together to tell the remarkable story of 'Annie', based upon the popular Harold Gray comic strip 'Little Orphan Annie'. Inspired by true events, the musical is set in 1930's America as the country is plagued by the Great Depression and charts the extraordinary story of a little orphan (Annie) who escapes the Orphanage ran by the tyrannical Miss Hannigan and ends up in the lap of luxury when she is adopted by billionaire Oliver Warbucks. Unlike many of the orphans, Annie clings to the hope that her parents will one day come back and collect her, with this mind, she tasks Mr. Warbucks one of the most powerful men in America to find them.
Annie touches on a number of moral and social themes including wealth, poverty, greed and most importantly the connection with family and friends.
Our thanks go out to the staff and most importantly the pupils from Year 3 in the Junior School to Year 8 in the Senior School for giving their own unique take on a musical classic to bring the Summer term to a close.
Below is snapshot of the production that transformed the Memorial Hall!