A Newcastle-under-Lyme School pupil's day is a busy and productive one. Nowhere is this more true than in the rich co-curricular life of the school.

Our pupils benefit from a wide range of opportunities to grow as young people and to develop a lifelong skillset in concert with their academic studies. Many Schools use the title 'extra-curricular' but we choose to place greater emphasis on 'co-curricular' as the experiences our pupils have outside the classroom complement the ones they have in lessons.
From their first day, pupils are introduced to a programme of Clubs, Drama, House Activities, Music, Scouts and a wide ranging Sports programme run by our dedicated teaching staff throughout the school week and beyond. In Year 9, pupils have the opportunity to join our Combined Cadet Force (CCF) and in Year 10 they can embark on the first stage of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme with the Bronze Award.
When pupils leave the School, they often reflect as fondly on the trips they have been on and teams and challenges they have been part of, as they do on what they have learned and discovered in lessons.
Our staff devote thousands of hours each year, within and beyond the school week, to activities that will enhance the life skills of our pupils. Subject teachers make sure that pupils can continue their learning beyond the academic timetable by organising a multitude of overseas trips, activity day visits, subject challenges and enrichment clubs throughout the year. We focus on the development of the whole pupil as we believe a rounded education provides them with the tools they will for life.
The co-curricular aspect of School life builds a sense of belonging, participation and confidence. I am particularly proud that we contribute fully with our wider community through charity and service, nominating a charity each year - during the past academic year we have raised a staggering £4,000 pounds for local childrens' charity, Our Space. This year's nominated charity is the Douglas Macmillan Hospice and we look forward to the fundraising projects and ideas our pupils will come up with for the year ahead. It is this 'can do' attitude that marks our pupils out and there is no better place to see that than in our varied and rewarding co-curricular activities.
Below you will see some of the extensive co-curricular programme we have on offer.
Mr Rob Lench
Assistant Head (Co-curricular and Community)

Co-Curricular Activities