Whole School

"Kes" moves NULS audience

The upper school drama production wowed audiences for two evenings last week. Who could not fail to be moved by Laurence Till's adaption of the acclaimed novel "Kestrel for a Knave" by Barry Hines? The cast delivered the crucial balance of comedy and the pathos with great skill.

Curricular and co-curricular drama is hugely popular in School. The Senior and Sixth Form students stage three productions each year, and the Junior pupils present a Spring term production. There is always as much talent off and backstage as on, with each production a collaborative effort between cast, crew and staff.

Special mention to Upper Sixth students Tom, James, Jensen and Lucy, taking their final bow as NULS students.

No music in this one, but "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat" is coming soon!