Senior Stories

Pupils at Newcastle-under-Lyme School were jumping for joy as the school achieved another stunning set of Summer examination results.

This time GCSE students were celebrating, as top grades increased, exceeding last year’s records, reaching a stunning 64% Grade 7-9! (or Grade A and above.) An impressive 46% of all grades were at Grade 8-9 alone.

A delighted Headmaster, Michael Getty, commented ‘We are absolutely thrilled for these students. The sheer volume of top grades they have achieved is quite breathtaking with one in every four examinations sat actually achieving the new, elusive Grade 9! These performance levels have been seen right across the board, with core subjects like English and Mathematics achieving incredibly impressive statistics of 76% and 72% Grade 7-9 respectively. This means three in every four papers were at a grade A or above! This pattern continues into the three Sciences, Religious Studies, Fine Art, Textiles, English Literature and beyond and our talented teaching staff deserve great credit for how they have enabled all students, regardless of their natural ability, to reach such dizzy heights.’

The school has enjoyed a vintage exam season, with its A-level results top in the County last week. Last year, NULS was placed the 65th highest performing independent coed school in the UK at GCSE by The Times newspaper, with this year’s statistics actually increasing further. ‘Everyone accepts that the new GCSEs are much tougher and this cohort deserves great credit as they are a rounded year group who have very skilfully balanced an enormous extracurricular involvement in Sport, Music, Drama and so on with their academic commitments.