Stoke on Trent's 'Poet Laureate' pens poem about his visit to our School
Stephen Seabridge, Stoke-on-Trent's inaugural Poet Laureate, has been in school the last two days speaking to the pupils and running workshops with Year 5. We were delighted that Stephen agreed to be the judge for our first Junior School poetry competition.
All the finalists met Stephen in our assembly ad you can read the poems of the three winners here
We were honoured that Stephen had written a special poem for his visit.
Poetry in the world of Stephen
Often, I find myself on stage, at the front of a hall,
like this one, and people might ask me, Stephen,
what does poetry mean to you?
And I say that it means this, and that,
and that it might mean this and that too,
but what I really want to say is…
Poetry is the light peeking out on the horizon
in the morning when the sun starts to rise.
Poetry is the clean breeze on a summer’s day,
and the soft white of midwinter snow.
Poetry is the speck of dust falling,
that small circle of something
that can tell the entire history of the earth.
Poetry is the touch of soft cotton,
the dance of the light on a piece of silk.
Poetry is what helped a little boy like me
who didn’t read very much, helped him
on the way to finding his words.
Poetry is the way of looking inward,
and outward, at yourself, at others,
it is the way of seeing all that around you
that is grace, that is a marvel.
Poetry is me and poetry is you.

Our young poets compose and perform their own anthology of poetry!