Children develop rapidly during their early years: physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. Our Nursery curriculum is designed to provide a supportive framework to extend their knowledge, skills, understanding and confidence. Well-planned and purposeful play activities are set out to build on what children already know and can do.

The curriculum encourages a positive attitude and a disposition to learn. We endeavour to provide a rich and stimulating environment where children feel included, secure and valued.
There are seven areas of learning as set by the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, comprising of three PRIME areas and four SPECIFIC areas.



Personal, Social and Emotional: The curriculum helps to develop self-awareness and self-confidence; manage feelings and behaviour and make relationships.
Communication and Language: The curriculum supports listening and attention, understanding and speaking.
Physical: The curriculum encourages moving and handling, health and self-care.


Mathematics: The curriculum will support the development of skills used when working with numbers, shape, space and measure.
Understanding the World: The curriculum will extend their knowledge of people and communities; the world and technology.
Literacy: The curriculum will support and develop skills in reading and writing.
Expressive Art and Design: The curriculum will stimulate the children to explore and use different media and materials and be imaginative.

Nursery Learning Environment