Junior School Prize Giving 2018

Junior Prize Giving 2018

Parents, pupils and staff joined us for our annual Junior School Prize Giving ceremony on Friday 29th June at the Victoria Hall in Hanley. We were fortunate to have Dr Lynne Summers, alumna, as our guest speaker who talked about the importance of taking risks and embracing new challenges to our Junior School pupils. Lynne herself is no stranger to embracing the next challenge, as a seasoned adventurer, she has scaled the heights of the Aconcagua Mountain in Argentina and completed the 140 mile trek to the South Pole in 2012 following in the footsteps of the iconic Captain Scott.
At the heart of these expeditions is a social and moral cause. On her trip to Baffin Island, Lynne discovered and saw the consequences of climate change and pollution of the Arctic Ocean first-hand and the effects it had on the native Inuit community. Lynne emphasized to pupils the importance of looking after the environment and combating the consequences of climate change as it is their generation who will inherit this planet.
As always, it proved to be a memorable afternoon for all, celebrating the rich and varied academic and co-curricular successes of our pupils. Below is a snapshot of proceedings!