Junior Poetry Competition


Stoke-on-Trent's first Poet Laureate judges Junior School poetry competition - October 2018

On Monday 8 October our Junior School pupils took part in a day of poetry and prose, following on from their  celebration of World Poetry Day last Thursday where our budding bards created and performed their own poetry works in a special morning assembly, the theme this year  was all about 'Change'.
We were fortunate to welcome Stoke-on-Trent's Poet Laureate Stephen Seabridge who talked to our children about the importance of poetry as a medium for self-expression and, most importantly, judged our Junior School poetry competition.
Commenting on his visit, Stephen told the children that all the poems were, “Skilled, inspired and eloquent.”
Below are the winning three entries 
'A Leaf Wishes' by Thomas, 1E
In the summer I wore bright, green shorts
While the sun was happy
And I had a brilliant day.
In the autumn I wear crumpled gold boots
While the wind blows
And I am cold and lonely.
In the winter I will be washed away
While the snow falls and the children play
And I will be sad.
I wish it was summer.
'Age' by Samy, 5R
When you’re born,
Youth overwhelms you,
Life is easy,
No work involved.
As a toddler,
Plump and fat,
You grow to learn
About the world.
Life as an infant
Is not easy –
Starting school
And feeling queasy.
In school as a junior,
Let words from the book wash around,
Take a walk in the wood of secrets,
And learn what is good.
As a senior,
Do your paper routes,
Love the world around you,
And just be happy.
Being an adult is no walk in the park:
Wife, kids, house –
You are no longer
As small as a mouse.
When you’re a grandad
You need to look after your trust,
Pushed forward only
By your grandchildren’s thrust.
Now you are ninety,
It’s too late to relate –
Eating none of your food,
Never filled with hate.
When you’re on your death bed,
Lying stock still,
Remembering the good old days –
Bye bye, Mr Trill.
'Change' by Oscar, 5P
People think we only live once
But I don’t believe that’s true –
We become different people
Depending on what we go through.
From the day we arrived on Earth
We’ve grown, developed and changed,
So how can we stay as one
When nothing stays the same?
Some people are enchanted by babies,
Seeing magic in all that they do;
Of course, we were once babies –
But that’s no longer you.
Yesterday’s you has gone away
For you’re all that you can be today.


Stephen with our Junior School poetry competition winners! (above and below)