Welcome to the School

School is a journey of discovery and we want to make that journey exciting and inspiring. At Newcastle, I want our pupils’ school days to be hugely enjoyable and yet purposeful, readying them to pursue their own individual hopes and ambitions.

To achieve this, we focus on our pupils’ happiness and well-being. Furthermore, we endeavour to nurture their qualities of resilience and self-confidence, to ensure they are able to meet life’s challenges and seize its opportunities. Our stated goal is the pursuit of excellence and our school’s rich history of academic achievement places us amongst the highest performing schools in the country. We aim to create an academic culture where students are aspiring and equipped to excel. However, the very best of schools must aim for all-round excellence. Nothing less will suffice, nor should it. At Newcastle, we appreciate our pupils gain immense enjoyment and important extension from their wider interests. In this way, our exceptional breadth of opportunity in areas such as Sport, Music and the Creative and Performing Arts also differentiate us, and which only a school of our scale and facilities can provide.
Newcastle-under-Lyme School’s roots are traceable to the early 1600s as a pioneer of education in the region. The spirit and forward looking approach evident then, underpins everything we do now and our ambitions for our school are only matched by our aspirations for our pupils. If you would like to discover more about Newcastle then I would certainly encourage you to visit us. Visitors frequently comment on how welcoming they find our community. We do look forward to meeting you.
Michael Getty BA, NPQH

'We are NULS'