From a student viewpoint

The first in a new series of School community blog entries.

We’ve all been shaken by the events in Manchester but I don't want to give them more publicity, because as I was told, that’s what people like that want. While we should respect and honour the dead we mustn’t dwell on the event. Life moves on because we have to. ‘The pain you feel today is the strength you’ll feel tomorrow’ and I want to give publicity to something else.

I want to focus on the fact that, afterwards, taxi drivers drove people home free of charge, off duty medics went into work to treat people, and perfect strangers reached out to care for victims and witnesses of the event.

People were united in caring for victims, whether they knew them or not, and I think we as a school and as a community should be inspired by this. We should aim to be as caring and as generous and sensitive to the feelings of Muslim students here, whose religion is being tainted by events like the one in Manchester.

We should look at the actions of the people who cared for victims and their families, and be inspired. Instead of taking fear from this we should take inspiration. We should aim to replicate the kindness, and inspire others to as well.

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