Senior School Staff

Headmaster Mr N J Vernon, BSc, MA
Deputy Head (Pastoral) Mrs J A Simms, BA, MSc
Deputy Head (Academic) Mr I S Dicksee, BA, MA
Head of Sixth Form Mrs B A Godridge, BA
Assistant Bursar Mr A Cryer

Art and Design Mrs S Parkinson ICT Mr S A Luck
Miss L Herian
Mrs B W Jones Latin Ms T A Thomas
Miss F E Jones Mrs E Scullion
Biology Mr N J Simms Mathematics Mrs J M Griffiths
Mr N C Carter Ms M C Dawson
Miss J Galvin Mr T Buckley
Dr D R Pepper Mrs J C Cliff
Mrs J A Cryer
Dr O Exley
Chemistry Dr P Thomson Mr E J Griffiths
Mr M S Lunt
Dr G J Moore
Mrs V A Aspinall-O'Dea Modern Languages Mrs M T Holmes
Miss M I Barnes
DT Mr J S Meredith Mrs S Graham
Mr P E Finney Mrs M Isherwood
Ms I M Alcazar Prieto
Economics Miss L E Barton Mrs K H Tan
Mr A R Sparks Ms E L Kozlowski
English Mrs A A Keay Music Mr T Sagar
Mrs J Betts-Nicholson Mrs J Perkin
Mrs B Godridge
Mrs B A Joughin Physical Education Mr G M Chesterman
Mr R M Lench Miss R E Bradley
Mrs L Marrable-Griffiths Mr G M Breen
Mrs D Glenn
Geography Mr T P Jowitt Mrs J Pointon
Mr S A Robson
Mr D P Sherratt Miss L J Shackleton
History Dr D Dunlop Physics Mr N P Migallo
Mr D A Cawdron Mr A G Fishburne
Mrs J A Simms Mrs K Rigby
Mrs S J Stockdale
Religious Studies Mr A Poole
Home Economics Mrs J A Machin Mr J S Preston
Mrs N G Swindells Mrs S J Stockdale
Learning Support Mr A R Sparks

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