A rival to the High School Firefly was produced by the boys of form IIIA (Year 9) in 1941. It was typewritten and priced at 1d (old penny). The archive copy is possibly the first and last edition although the boys hoped not (….answers to quiz in next months issue).

Contents include rhymes and limericks, puzzles and quizzes and many pages of schoolboy jokes.

The cartoon shows changes in public attitudes to air raid warnings and wardens. Everybody would have been familiar with family air raid shelters and the warden’s warning whistles.

Radway Green, Alsager, was a Royal Ordnance factory. Bib overalls, were often referred to as slops. These overalls were made of tough cloth, built for durability, not comfort and did not fit particularly well.

The wartime diary is an extract from an anonymous contribution in the Orme Girls' Magazine, July 1942.

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