Our Values

Our Mission

Our Mission is to give all our pupils ‘the best start in life’. The five key characteristics of the School vision have been stated as:

  • Excellent academic achievement and co-curricular activity, within an aspirational culture which values participation and success
  • Happy confident pupils
  • Very strong home-school partnership
  • A purposeful, caring, calm and friendly ethos
  • Professional, specialist dedicated staff who give ‘above and beyond’

The Values We Believe In

Our Values have been stated as: ‘In partnership with home, we want our pupils to become individuals with strength of character, enabling them to lead fulfilled lives and play their part in society’. We want all of our pupils to be:

  • Resourceful – increasingly able to be independent and imaginative in the way they learn and able to rely on their own judgment.
  • Respectful – displaying good manners, being polite and respectful to each other, to parents, staff and of each other’s property.
  • Resilient – learning how to cope with setbacks, developing a positive mindset of learning from mistakes and dealing with life’s challenges.
  • Responsible – setting an example in attitudes to work, in self-discipline, learning to take on positions of responsibility, developing an awareness and an interest in the wider community beyond school.
  • Risk-taking – challenging oneself not just to take the easy option, learning to move out of one’s comfort zone.
  • Committed – seeing through a task from beginning to end, inside the classroom and in extra-curricular activities. Working as a member of a team and not letting the side down through absence or lack of effort.
  • Confident – developing greater self-belief, self-awareness and self-esteem, both academically and socially. Learning, for example, to meet and greet strangers, to deal with social situations and present oneself maturely.
  • Curious – asking questions, stretching one’s knowledge through enquiry, reflection and challenge.
  • Caring – developing empathy and compassion for others.
  • Creative – developing imagination and ideas which are original, including using technology to harness and improve thinking and understanding. Taking advantage of entrepreneurial opportunities.

Statement of Newcastle under Lyme School’s Strategic Success Factors

Our Strategic Aim for the School is to provide a first class all-round education which makes us well-known, highly regarded, over-subscribed, thriving, and investing with confidence in our future. To achieve this aim we need to be:
  • A school with strong pupil recruitment and retention, seen as one school, providing continuity from Nursery at age 3 to Sixth Form at age 18.
  • A school maintaining its position as the leading co-educational academic school in our region. A school seen by parents, other schools and HMC as a leading player in education in the North West and known on the national stage, leading not just by academic results but across a range of measures.
  • A school seen as delivering a relevant curriculum in a contemporary way, including use of technology and skills for independent learning, a curriculum shaped by us and benefiting from our independence. We need to be a school which understands and supports our pupils as individuals, through differentiation in reaching their aspirations through use of data and effective review.
  • A school which provides a diverse co-curricular activity programme to help pupils to discover their talents, promote pupils’ personal development and self-confidence and experience of leadership and teamwork.
  • A school which prepares pupils for life beyond school including higher education and the changing world of work.
  • A school which, working in partnership with parents, provides strong pastoral support within a disciplined framework of social responsibility; supporting the development of rounded, confident and balanced individuals able to take social responsibility.
  • A school which is part of its community, linking with other schools and through bursary provision enabling children from less prosperous backgrounds to benefit from the School’s opportunities without financial restriction.
  • A school which builds life-long links with its former pupils, creating a ‘Community for Life’.
  • A school seen as providing value for money whilst developing high quality and contemporary facilities for the future, implementing an international presence to raise revenue to fund bursaries and further develop facilities.
  • A school which attracts and retains high quality staff with skills and experience, and which values, supports and develops its staff teams.
  • A school which evaluates its work in each area against targets, is aware of its emerging strengths and weaknesses, and puts in place plans to move forward; making use of external judgement to validate and endorse our conclusions.

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